No More Back Pain or Sciatica…and I lost 21 lbs and 21 inches off my belly!

I have been a patient of Dr. Jessica Mitchell’s since February, 2015. Initially, my concerns for treatment related to an ongoing back and sciatica issue.

During one visit as my back pain and sciatica were improving, I commented about my distended upper abdomen, fatigue, brain fog and intestinal problems. Dr. Mitchell scheduled me for MAT testing and discovered I had a candida overgrowth. We decided that the best course of action was to commence a specific supplement protocol along with an anti-candida diet (a diet designed to starve the candida so it will die off). Remediation might have been a difficult task to undertake, but I was determined to get the overgrowth under control, so I prepared myself for battle. With perseverance and a focused attitude, I have stayed true to the diet and have been taking the recommended supplements for 3 months. I am very proud to say that I have lost 21lbs and a total of 21″ in my upper and lower abdomen. I feel fantastic! Surprisingly, my psoriasis has also cleared up!

Dr. Mitchell retested me after 3 months and I NO LONGER HAVE A CANDIDA OVERGROWTH!!! Due to Dr. Mitchell’s devotion to her patient and actually listening to what I was saying, I am now free of my difficult condition and am an energetic, smiling woman again. Thanks, Dr. Mitchell!


“I Have Been Transformed”

I have been a patient of Dr. Mitchell’s for about a year. I am so grateful for her wonderful care. I had been suffering with many undiagnosed complaints. I was overweight, unable to concentrate, had a poor memory, mental confusion, terrible digestion, and depression. My life was very challenging.

Dr. Mitchell diagnosed me with a Candida infection, the root of my problems. She prescribed some nutritional supplements and suggested I go on a Candida diet. Well, the diet is very difficult since I crave sugar and all sugar is forbidden. When she muscle tests me, she knows if I have been cheating on my diet! However, I have been transformed.

The first week I lost about 3 pounds. The second week about 2 pounds, and so far I have lost a total of 17 pounds. My stomach is flat and my clothes fit. My digestion problems improved. Little by little all of my medical problems have improved. I am amazed at how I feel.

After about 4 months I am still on this difficult diet, and I still dislike it, however, it is absolutely worth it. Dr. Mitchell has been so supportive, encouraging and sympathetic. I appreciate the fact that she really, really cares about people. I am forever grateful. She has changed my life!

Dr. Mitchell is always so positive and cheerful. I look forward to seeing her.


Labor Kickstarted By Adjustment

Dr. Mitchell — I cannot thank you enough for coming to my house at the last minute to jumpstart my contractions into active labor. Not even 2 hours later, and things started to speed up. My son wants to know when you’re coming back to play again! See you at the office very soon!! xo